Praise and Worship

Beth Welsh

The purpose of the Ministry of Worship is to ultimately and entirely bring glory to God. The primary means of fulfilling this goal is by collectively leading and aiding members of the Body of Christ in corporate worship. Our motivation and desire is to point the congregation to the Almighty God and Savior and to remind us of who He is and what He has done in and through them and others.


Ministry of Worship includes the worship vocalists, instrumentalists and audio/visual team. The Worship Pastor is responsible for keeping the church’s worship focused and God-centered. Works in cooperation with the Lead Pastor and Creative Arts Pastor. Is responsible for all musical and worship preparation and presentation. Assists and advises the Lead Pastor in selection of worship team members, Selects and schedules featured music. And provides planning, scheduling, and coordination of other worship programs or specific services for special occasions.


If you enjoy singing, playing an instrument, or working with audio/visual technology, this is the mistristry for you.  Just contact Beth Welsh at for an audition to see where you fit into the team.